I’m a huge fan of Wim Wenders. Both his films and still photography. His photographs, even more than his films, often focus on a kind of ‘other worldly’ aspect of public spaces. Abandoned fairgrounds and buildings, deserted streets and so on.


His films, on the other hand, have the same feel, but often feature people within those same urban landscapes. Wings of Desire, for example, has a similar desolate landscape feel to the cinematography, but the characters in the movie, are often either ‘ghostly’ (angels, in this case) or are fighting to establish themselves within the landscape.


To some degree my photos of empty car-parks series is probably influenced by this approach. The vastness of space that empty car-parks have, give off an atmosphere unlike their intended function. Sometimes they are empty because they are abandoned. At other times, they may just be filled during weekdays. Often this also gives the surrounding area a similar sense of openness, eeriness and abandonment.