Instant Reflections book coverInstant Reflections

The published version of the ongoing Instant Reflections portrait project, combining instant film with digital photography.

The book contains 24 instant images and 47 full colour digitally created photographs. It is digitally printed, in limited edition, with a laminate cover.

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Fragments of Abstraction book cover

Fragments of Abstraction | Launched in March 2016.

Fragments of Abstraction

The Fragments of Abstraction photobook is the most recent of my publishing projects and is a retrospective, covering 5 years of urban and street photography.

The book consists of 72 pages of content, printed on a high-end Indigo press, with inserts and finished with a matt laminate cover.

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Night on Earth

Hand produced and assembled, urban photography, from a night on planet earth.Book cover

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Alphabet Soup

Alphabet soup book cover

Alphabet Soup | Launched in 2010.

The English alphabet, created by light painting.

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