Kodak seems to be discontinuing its last chromogenic (C-41) black and white film, BW400CN.

Lodak BW400CN film carton

Along with Ilford XP-2 (and a Fujifilm C-41 black and white film, assuming they still make it), C-41 black and white negative films are aimed at using normal colour processing, rather than traditional black and white film processes. I never used BW400CN, but I do sometimes use Ilford’s XP2. Very nice tones and scans well, but I seem to be able to scratch it very easily (although the may be the photo lab machinery).

This discontinuation is not especially surprising, as I guess that black and white film use will gradually become more and more focussed on artists and hobbyists developing at home, or via the ocassional pro lab, using traditional black and white processes. It’s always a shame when another film bites the dust. But, I wouldn’t be too suprised if this is part of a trend where the end of C-41 film in general occurs sooner, rather than later.