Year / 2013

Not a 3D render…

Not sure whether I like this image or not. Kind of reminds me of one of those architectural 3D renderings. You know, the ones of new shopping centres, with stock image library people dropped in, looking as if they are floating a couple of inches off the ground because the designer couldn’t be bothered to […]

In with the old and in with the new also…

So what’s going on here? I laid out some old lead typefaces and photographed them with a 24mp mirrorless digital camera. But I used a Voigtlander lens. Voigtlander being one of the oldest names in cameras, founded in Vienna. But, of course, the Voigtlander name is now used by Cosina who manufacture modern film cameras […]

Neopan 400 Discontinued? Does it matter if some camera films disappear?

Since getting back into film photography, one of the things that I’ve noticed is that more and more film brands seem to be disappearing. Often, before any formal announcements, there are discussions on online photography forums. For example, it appears that Fujifilm might be discontinuing Neopan 400 film. For photographers who develop their own film and […]

Fairground attraction

This was actually taken at dusk, as far as I remember. Using a Canon P rangefinder and Neopan 400 film. It’s one of those occasions where I wonder what the image would have looked like had I used a digital camera.

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