So I wandered along to see this exhibition and it was certainly worth it. Probably preferred Klein’s stuff more, but horses for courses.

There is much comment these days about street photography being located in a time and place. That the whole black and white, rough at the edges images from grungy parts of town, just don’t seem the same now that every man, woman and their cats and dogs have access to more powerful photographic hardware than every photographer from Robert Capa to David Baily put together.

But perhaps that’s missing the point. Maybe the fact that cameras have finally become as common as shoes, will only strengthen the genre – just in a different way.

But, I still see a place for black and white grainy photos, just as I do for string quartets and oil painting. Although, perhaps we need to move on from yet another ‘edgy’ photo of homeless people with faces that seem to have lived interesting lives. I’d rather the focus (pun intended), was on solving homelessness.