I’ve been a bit snobbish about point and shoot compact film cameras, in the past. I think that it stems from using the horrible plasticky things years ago for holiday snaps and getting very ordinary results. But, actually, I’ve been appreciating them a little bit more recently.

Sure, the lenses don’t have the sharpness of decent SLR or interchangeable lens rangefinder cameras. And there aren’t the obvious manual focus and more advanced aperture settings to play around with. But they are, usually, light and small and can be used for some interesting urban snapshots.

Here are a couple of shots taken with a Ricoh FF-7 point and shoot film camera.

Fluorescent light on stairway. Black and white image.

Fluorescent light. Taken with Ilford XP2+.

Stairwell. Looking up. Black and white

Stairwell. Taken with Kodak Tri-X.