So, I finally bought a full frame digital camera. A Sony A7, since you ask.

Do I feel any different? Well, not especially. But it’s too early to tell if and to what degree it will affect my photography. I’ve no illusions that it will improve the quality of my photographs. But that wasn’t the reason that I bought it. The reasons were as follows:

  1. Combined with a special offer, it was as cheap as it has ever been (probably because a new version is due out soon).
  2. I  was fed up with not being able to use legacy (old manual) lenses at the length that were were designed to be used at. No more ‘crop factor’ to worry about.
  3. With regard to the above, I wanted to feel the same lens consistency between using a 35mm camera in digital as with film.
  4. I wanted the usual shallow dept of field and low light advantages of a full frame sensor.

I think that’s it. And so far so good. The A7 is small and light – I’ve pretty much had it with the large blobs of plastic that comprise modern DSLRs. The sensor seems top class and the native lenses (what few there are) are pretty good. Sony also seem to have improved the digital interface over the annoying fiddly one that comes with my Nex-7. The A7 menus are far closer to the Canon dSLR style, which I much prefer. Best of all, I love the manual controls. They are all where they should be, as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway…, that’s enough technology nonsense for the moment. I must get back to creating stuff again.