Had a very successful art show recently. Lots of people, lots of fun. Sold some books. Drank some beer. What have I got to grumble about then?

Nothing really. But it was interesting how, of all the compliments I received, a large amount homed in on two photographs. Both of them being described either as apocalyptic, or post-apocalyptic. And one in particular, was especially popular.

The first one, below, is a view of Central London from Parliament Hill. The crow being a particularly obliging guest star and signifier of doom and gloom.

View through undergrowth of distant city (London). Black and white photograph.

Crow’s-Eye-View. View of London from Parliament Hill – Telecom Tower and some other stuff.

But the image below was the main focus. Again, I kind of see the whole apocalyptic thing, it’s dark, with ominous looking clouds and it’s got that whole cinematic feel to it. And I’ve no problem with that interpretation. But it’s interesting that so many people focussed on this particular image – the only photo in the show not from London or Melbourne (Tasmania, since you ask).

Hops hanging from wires. Black and white photograph.

Hops hanging from wires.

Perhaps it’s the fact that these two images are the least ‘urban’, in contrast to the vast majority of my work on display? Perhaps it’s also significant that, as a city boy, these images – the second one especially – are captured through the lens of an ‘alien’ in the countryside?

No idea. Anyway, a great show.