The way that urban planners use lights to try and make public spaces brighter at night seems to be becoming more standardised.

Ramp going up to station platform

Image captured with the Sony A7rII and 35 ƒ2/8. Colour film version here.

Or, should I say, as homogeneous as the whole brushed aluminium and high tension steel cables look, used by architects for so long.

I understand the reasons for the more friendly, modern approach. But it’s a rather cold and austere approach – somewhat reminiscent of a prison camp, from old WWII war films. Architects do like their straight lines, don’t they?

Stairs going up to platform.

Art Deco design of Melbourne’s Flinders Street station.

Contrast this with a somewhat older design from, admittedly, a rather older station. More subdued, less harsh, ambient lights.

Abstract focussed train station image.

Close (and less close) up of station platform.